Bed Linen

Maishaa introduces a brand new concept to re-establish a premium standard to the bedding.
In this collection we exclusively provide luxurious bed collection in premium quality Egyptian cotton.

Cottonmante Collection | Silkaline Collection | Ecstasy Collection



A wide range of Fabrics of renown Brands are available in our latest collection!

Clarke & Clarke | Manual Revert

Maishaa | Nya Nordishka



Pamper yourself with Maishaa Towel Collection. Finer un-plied threads allow for higher thread counts and exceptional softness. A great gift option or upgrade for your bathroom.

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We all have our own personality.

We are unique and special in our own different ways and the way we dress, look behave reflects this.

Our lifestyle choices, and the way we live also flows from this uniqueness.

But the question remains, is your home unique? Does the place you live in reflect your personality and taste?

It’s time it did.

The most stylish home belong to those who keep up with the latest fashions and coolest trends.

At Maishaa, an international team of fashion artists create remarkable designs that will turn your home into heaven.

Maishaa invites you to make your own signature home uniquely stylish and beautiful.

Latest from Our Lovely Work; Our NEW COLLECTION

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Decor with The Amazing Look, Texture And Finesse Fabrics

And Make Ordinary Things Like Home-Linen And Furnishing Fabrics, The Ultimate In Luxury And Good Living.